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Next Space

We are excited to announce a new commissioning round designed to explore the intersection of the arts and extended reality (XR). The NEXTSPACE commissioning round encourages artists to dive into the world of XR, to create new works that immerse the audience in a 4D artistic experience. Our goal is to push the boundaries of  creativity and innovation, offering artists and audiences alike new dimensions of engagement and expression.


What were looking for:
We are looking for proposals from artists and arts organisations that re-imagine their artistic practice as immersive arts experiences.  The experiences will leverage some of the creative tools listed below, alongside their existing practice:

1.  Immersive environmants:  Digital environments that engage multiple senses and provides a deeply immersive experience.  For example your Toi Māori experince could transport the audience to the subterranean realm of Rarohenga where they can explore and interact with the world (environment you create).

2.  Animated 3D Models/Objects: Dynamic and interactive 3D model based aspects of artwork.

3.  Interaction with Models and Environments: Opportunities for audiences to engage with art through interaction with virtual environment and objects.

4.  Motion Capture: Utilisation of motion capture technology to create realistic  and engaging movements within the XR experience.

5.  Spatial Audio: High-quality spatial audio that enhances immersion by providing a 360-degree sound environment.


Who should apply:
We’re iinterested in receiving proposals from arts and arts organisations in the following Art Forms that are motivated to explore how their work can be brought to life in an XR experience:

Craft and Object Art: Crafting interactive displays or immersive  environments showcasing handcrafted objects.

Dance: Performances, interactive or motion-capture enhanced sequences.

Literature: Immersive storytelling, interactive narratives, or augmented reality books.

Music and Opera: Spatial audio concerts, virtual muscial and opera performances, or interactive music creation tools.

Ngā Toi Māori: Mahi Raranga, Kapa Haka,  Whakairo, Pūrākau

Pacific Arts, including Pacific heritage arts: Virtual environments,  interactive displays, or performances reflecting Pacific cultural heritage.

Theatre: Virtual reality theatre performances and productions

Visual Arts: 3D visual works, interactive installations, or AR enhanced visual arts experiences


To learn more about this commisioning round and how to apply head over to the Creative Code Community by clicking the link below. If you are not a member of the Creative Code Community you will need to sign up to access full commissioning round details:


Important dates & information.

Applications Close - July 31, 2024

Applications Open - June 24 2024

Submissions Contacted - July 3rd, 2024

Commission Presentations - July 10th, 2024

Recipient/s announced - July 20th, 2024